This is an illustration dating from 2004. A trip to Prague and a friend inspire me to get out that project from my old folders and give it back a little taste of the day. What do you say, I like Mucha?
I wanted to make a quadriptych like Mucha, taking a theme and decline it around four variations. I choose the topic of wild animals because I love feline women and we're all some kind of animal. Panther, tiger, zebra and giraffe.
First, I took a lot of references and a lot of inspiration from artists of the Art Nouveau style. I took pictures of my wife as models, I realized fur textures in Photoshop and mandalas in Illustrator. The process was a big melting pot of techniques to achieve this "faux vintage" rendering​. I made this project for a CFSL contest in 2004. I didn't won.
To celebrate my birthday, I offered myself a large format printing of this work. Happy Birthday !
Print available on Order if you like it!
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