Lead Creative Direction & Production:
MTV World Design Studio/Milano
Studio/Production Company:
Creatives: FX Pourre & Vincent Viriot @UFO / Producer: Rebecca Rice / Executive Producer: Guillaume Marien / Director: / FX Pourre & Vincent Viriot / Director of Photography: Yves Kohen / Post-production House: / Mathematic / Animation: Sebastien Ebellard/Yann Glica/Nicholas Dabos/FX Pourre/Vincent Viriot / Compositing: Yann Aldabe, Ben Fligans, Clement Germain / Music & Sound Design: Division Paris / Adrien Segura/Vianney Quecq d'Henripret/Jules de Chateleux / Location(s): Paris (Studio) / Special Effects/Processes: Shot using a Red camera and Photron – a high speed camera for the liquid shots. / Edited using Final Cut. 3D was created in Maya with compositing in After FX.